Are Organic and Natural Ingredients Better for Sensitive Skin?

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Do you have sensitive skin? If so, whats your type? There are many factors that effect skin. Emotional and environmental factors can trigger sever reactions in sensitive skin - stressor like weather conditions, family, pets, dust or skin care products can result in skin flare ups. Some people become allergic to something that they had no previous issues with for many years. Skin can become allergic to a substance after repetitive exposures or with just one exposure. Allergen tests can help reveal general triggers in your diet or allergies caused by things like dust mites.


if you have irritant Contact Dermatitis, Allergic Contact Dermatitis, Rosacea, Urticaria, or other more severe skin conditions it is best to consult a physician to understand your options for skin care procedures and get support on implementing changes in your daily life to give your skin the love it deserves.

1. What are Organic Skin Care Products and Cosmetics Exactly?

#If you’re suffering from skin sensitivity, I recommended looking for organic detergent products - products with mild detergents (composed over 95% with natural ingredients). But not everything labeled “Natural” is organic! One of the world’s leading expert on “organic certification” is Ecocert. The certification ensures cosmetics are produced in respects to the following points:

  • production and processing processes respectful of the environment and human health

  • development of the concept of green chemistry

  • responsible use of natural resources

  • respect for biodiversity

  • absence of petrochemical ingredients (excluding authorized preservatives): parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfumes and synthetic dyes

  • absence of GMOs

  • recyclable packaging

    A beauty product is COSMOS ORGANIC certified if:

    • At least 95% of the plants it contains are organic

    • 20% minimum of organic ingredients are present in the formula in total (10% for products to be rinsed)

The selection of organic skin care cosmetics is not only a choice of milder ingredients, but also the protection of our earth.

2. All Natural, Mineral Makeup, Organic Skin Care Products Must Be Better Than Others?

It is often said all-natural and mineral products are more suitable for sensitive skin, but as we’ve outlined, the circumstances that create irritation can be complicated - involving factors from unknown allergens to chemical flavours and preservatives . Sensitive skin is more easily stimulated, the first step is looking for organic options for cosmetics and skin care products. Be sure to look at the ingredients before each purchase .

3. Try before You Buy

Whether you are buying natural or organic products, test it for any negative effects on your wrist for 20-30 mins before applying to your face.

Is the product going to cause an allergic reaction?

If you notice that the skin has become red or itchy without any obvious reason, pause usage of all other skin care products save for the new addition to see if the symptoms remain. If you continue to being red or itchy, you should stop using this products.

If you have sensitive skin, read the ingredients carefully, regardless it is an organic or natural product. A dermatologist will also be able to recommend or even offer specialized products.


If the skin is out of condition and there are suspicions of skin diseases, it will cause the skin to lose its natural barrier function. The cosmopolitan dryness is red or peeling, so skin moisturizing is very important work. The deep moisturizing mask can help restore the skin's natural barrier function. At the same time, it can soothe and calm the skin.

Daisy: I was actually struggle with sensitivity during The france trip, I made sure my skin was hydration all the time and I used the Lavender mask almost every single night for one month in France!!

In France ,2019

In France ,2019


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