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Hand-packed in illustrated wrapping adorned with original artwork


Anything with a mouth loves watermelon, so why not bring the same nostalgically sweet and refreshing pleasures to the skin with the newest addition to the DaisyCode product line - the Water Melon Lovers Cleansing Bar? With top notes of watermelon essence, the Water Melon Lovers combines an organic blend of almond, olive, coconut, and avocado oil to create a comforting, gourmand scent. Scrubby poppy seeds gently exfoliate and massage skin clean while the aloe vera is calming and gentle. Each slice melts into deliciously balanced skin. 


A total of 50 limited-edition ByIris artisan bars were lovingly hand-crafted in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, using ethically sourced, simple, organic ingredients. Users will notice a light, conditioning lather, created naturally with the coconut oil, instead of the harsh bubbles made with detergents like SLS, a typical factory additive that leaves skin feeling tight after use - a telltale sign the oils, necessary to maintain a vibrant appearance, have been stripped. 

For the packaging we wanted to add a novel touch with the illustrated wrapping to capture everything we loved about the product. With the cleansing bar’s realistic, luscious watermelon appearance it was impossible to resist designing a hyper-realistic watermelon wrapping paper. We sought to accentuated the glorious hydrating qualities with the sensuous water droplets exploding from each bar. Hand-packed from our home to yours, we hope this splendidly familiar treasure will unwrap moments of luxurious self-care.

The Breaking Point, Acrylic Self-Portrait on Canvas (2009)

The Breaking Point, Acrylic Self-Portrait on Canvas (2009)


Seal the Deal

The sticker artwork is an original self-portrait titled ‘The Breaking Point’ completed in acrylic on canvas. I was drawn to its echo of the crackling pattern of the watermelon but more so, continuing the themes of outside vs. inside and Trompe-l'œil, it is a piece that explores the external and internal fragmentation of the self enforced by the different roles we play daily. An interesting push and pull between what is projected by others and our choices to either perform or defy stereotypes. Growing up in an immigrant family, life is often a rich blending of culture, histories and contradictions. Like jumping from one board game to the other, the work, school and home self can develop quite independently of one another. The differences are sometimes funny, sad and insightful. As time marches on, how often do we fall victim to our own charade, The identities that both sustain and imprisons us? Pictured is insight personified, gazing into the spidery tapestry fate weaves with a comfort in the uncertainty, because while we may have as many appearances as there are those who care to perceive us, underneath it all we remain whole.

‘The Breaking Point’ (2009) is a part of a collection of 12 paintings showing a young woman “getting ready” for the future - putting on make up, showering, choosing garments. Some practices are distinctly North American, some tools are rooted in traditions from my birthplace - Hong Kong. Like in a whirlpool lifting the anchors rooting these ideas to a time and place, they all collide to take a new form in me. Perhaps mundane on the outside, but in each washroom there is a chance to decide who you will be for the day.


The Breaking Point

We are formed by life experiences and factors more numerous than the stars in the night sky, but at the end of the day, we can always break the singular images or identities that no longer fit. On our journey of growing and pushing we will reach points where the tools of our design have taken us as far as they can go, and the only thing left to do is punch through to see which parts remain true and which parts need to be left behind. No matter how fragmented the image becomes, no particular piece is exactly who I am. I choose the ability to grow as my foundation.


There is a self-gratifying sensuality with checking with every part of yourself and unabashed power in working to find every part worthy of love. In accepting ourselves, we can stop striving to be someone else’s ideal as all external approval pales in comparison to the revelation of cultivating a gentle kindness for yourself. Look inside today and treat whoever’s looking back to a slice of watermelon.


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