DaisyCodeFlora | Making of the Video

The Buried Concept

Content Editor: Alice On

DaisyCodeFlora is special to me not only as DaisyCode’s premier video campaign, but the concept is very personal. To uncover more of my inspirations visit Made By Daisy.


I knew early on I wanted my dear friend and fellow industry creative, Lillian Liu, to help fulfill my vision as the team’s Art Director. I have admired Lillian’s ability in creating the worlds for both fantasy and classic photography. With each collaboration new ideas emerge and we push each other to improve technically and become more impactful storytellers.

My central focus was “renaissance” and “rebirth”. We all have moments where we are weary - depressed, anxious, hurt, or desperate, and who hasn’t heard the power of thoughts can change everything, but at times it can feel impossible to change or grow. I believe we must reset the very path our thoughts take. A new car will still follow the old road to the same destination, therefore if we can break down the disbeliefs and the boundaries that no longer serve us, we can forge new roads to better versions of ourselves. To place DaisyCodeFlora into this narrative, Lillian and I started looking for natural elements to represent the function of the mask - Water, Air, Spirit (“Sun”) and flowers, as a new destination, to represent DaisyCode.

During one of our discussions, Lillian brought up the iconic John Everett Millais painting “Ophelia”, which became a major inspiration.

At the beginning, I struggled to find the ideal model - pure but also independent and mature.

Symbol Of Purity - Senders Choose Daisies In Hopes The Receiver Will See The World As They Did In Their Youth
— Daisy H
By Daisy

By Daisy


The painting depicts a scene Queen Gertrude describes in her speech, in Act IV of Hamlet - Ophelia singing with her arms open and gazing upwards from the river, just before she drowns.

Out of her mind with grief, Ophelia had been making wildflower garlands when she climbs into a willow draping over a stream, only to have the branch break, sending her tumbling into the brook. She lies in the water singing songs, hands posed in submission, accepting of her fate, "incapable” of her own distress.

For me, her death scene mirrors my desire to “break down” and ”destroy” to be reborn. The layer language of flowers is also very interesting to me, for instance, the ring of violets around Ophelia’s neck is a symbol of faithfulness, but can also refer to chastity and death. I generally find myself turning to flowers to express rebirth. Armed with this concept we partnered with Marginal Production Co to start our film.

The film portrays the journey of finding the naked, original and true self.

You may have bled, been hurt or tormented but you can choose to let go, to love yourself and be restored.
— Daisy H

Production Manager: Shaun Chen 
Production Company: Marginal Factory
Producer: Yaël 
Executive Producer: LiKuang imagine& creative limited 
Project manager: Daisy Hsiang
Art director: Lillian Liu Photography
Director: Laura Carnet
Director of Photography: Farhad Ghaderi
Production Designer: Julia Schnitman
1st Assistant Camera: Kyle Vollstaedt
2nd Assistant Camera: Leah Cohen
Grip / Lamp Op: Bruno Martin Del Campo
Set Dresser: Jim Raeburn
Storyboard / Set Dresser: Rene Rebora
Wardrobe Stylist: Jessica Clark
Makeup artist: @mariareneemakeup 
Hair Stylist: Sabrina Fetterkind
Model: Brina key models
Editor: Alex Farah
Sound Designer: Latif Ullah
Colorist: Sam Gilling
Voice over: Diana Hoarau

By Daisy

By Daisy

DaisyCode Flora 形象影片,

Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.
— Benjamin Franklin

In my work, it's very important to constantly challenge boundaries, especially my own. I reject perfection. In my practice, the passion to pursue my imagination and creativity breaks the limitations imposed by pursuing “perfection” - a construct that imprisons many.

By Daisy

By Daisy

The aesthetic I pursued with this project is dreamlike but realistic. For the DaisyCodeFlora photography I wanted to create romantic world where one can simply embrace being themselves.


The eye of the photographer can be like the sun - shining through the superficial to reveal the battle of good and evil inside. Though darkness may thrive, our courage and goodness will always cut through like the first beam of light at dawn.

By Daisy

By Daisy

「人生其實就是不斷毀滅與重建的一個過程,就是歸零。」-Daisy H.

DaisyCode Flora's far-infrared mask has a unique natural and pure aroma that re-energizes the skin through the healing power of nature's floral fragrance. While skin-caring , it can relax your intense daily life and back your mind to the initial balance, and bring a feeling of soothing pleasure.

“Someone had to...

Someone had to start the end.

Someone had to...

Someone had to lose to win.

When you, when you, when you went down down...

You went down fast.

Ah, ah, ah, I didn't stay to watch you crash ...”

You got lost from love and work. You fell deep into the swirl of the lost.

You need to let go of your past and baggages as if you died, then you shall be reborn.

We call this learning process “zeroing”.