Per se Social Corner in Downtown Vancouver | Warm Hearth on a Chilly Day


Today was one of those days Vancouver enjoyed it’s famous deep rinse, so for working purposes we headed to per se Social Corner to enjoy the renewing touch from inside. I guess if I had an unpopular opinion, it is that I like the rain. There is mysticism that rolls in with the morning mist and the rain shadows roaming over the mountains. Like diamonds falling from the sky to awaken the senses, each drop leaves shivering kiss on my face. The west coast is home to some of the most spectacular ancient rainforest landscapes in the world. Our coastal temperate old-growth forests contain species that don’t exist anywhere else. But as the term ‘rainforest’ implies, there is A LOT of rain involved in keeping these “lungs of the Earth” dense and green. I for one think its lovely to watch it streak across the high-ceilinged windows and tickle the trees outside from inside the bustling Social Corner where four separate brands, water + flour pizzeria, ROSALINDA Tapas + Wine bar, CICLO ESPRESSO, and NEVE Organic Gelato co-exist.

Drawing inspirations from Oceans away, Entrepreneur and owner Fabrizio sought to blend the old world with new cultural innovations to carve out his own hybrid of the modern Spanish Tapas, classic Italian Kitchen, and Wine Bar.


Mindful of the kitchen as the all encompassing heart of the European and Central American home, the space is designed lovingly around the Pizza Oven hearth, and the other chef stages. Patrons are welcomed with a minimalist décor. Modern, industrial-inspired chandeliers designed by Fox himself, softly illuminate the red, chrome, black and teak accents as rustic furniture and shiny appliances dot the room. 

In typical brunch fashion, Daisy had the Classic Benny with homemade hollandaise, Maestro ham on English muffin with a side of potatoes and heritage greens. I had the Avo Benny with poached eggs and Fresh Guacamole on english muffins with a side of potatoes and heritage greens and one of our dear content contributors Alexa had the Belgian Liege Waffle- brandy cherries, chantilly cream and caramel sauce.


No matter where patrons sit, they have access to entire menu. For those not as fond as the rain, the Social Corner provides an opportunity to sink your teeth into classic and inventive fare and let the tastes of European & Central American dishes travel to a hotter climate, if only for an afternoon.


Daisy’s vibe


per se Social Corner



891 Homer St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2W2

(604) 428-6111


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