Richmond Sunflower Festival | Amazing Farm To Spend The Weekend

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Summer Time Fun in Vancouver?

The entrance to the Sunflower Festival

The entrance to the Sunflower Festival


No plans for the long weekend?

Are you a fan of flowers and animals?

Visit the Richmond Country Farm to enjoy a live band, entertainment, food trucks, a beer garden and wine tasting in the vineyard!

To skip the long line under the sun, I got the tickets online and picked the 10-12pm time slot. REMEMBER, you have to arrive during your purchased time slot.

I recommend starting with the hay ride! Take your time to enjoy the sea of sunflowers and the amazing view of the farm! Arriving at 10am we were not the first on the hay ride. Make sure to arrive on time if you want to skip the long line!

The view on the hay ride

By the way, there was a sunflower stand at the exit of hay ride, so I actually bought the flowers at the beginning. TRUST ME, the pictures will be much better with “your own flower baby”!!!

At the end of their time slot, visitors can take the train to pick blueberries and taste wine. More family and food time less waiting in the long line!!

Back in the Beer garden around 11:45am, we got on the train directly. NO WAITING!!

It was around 12:30pm when we finished blueberries picking and Wine Tasting, PERFECT LUNCH TIME! We had hot dogs, lemonade and some Mexican food from cute retro food trucks.

The Beer Garden is open in the afternoon. Because everyone has their own time slot on the tickets, it’s REALLY EASY to get a table for lunch time!


Don’t miss it on the long weekend!!!


“Ticket time slots are available for every 2 hours between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.

Please arrive during your purchased time slot.

Tickets are always available for purchase at the door!


“We reserve the right to close the event in case of poor weather “ 

Weekday prices: $8 per person plus tax

- Hay Ride Only 

- The entertainer on Hay Ride 

- Limited food trucks 

Weekend prices: $15 per person plus tax

- Hay Ride

- Train Ride 

- Live band and entertainment

- Food Trucks 

- Beer Garden 

- Flower Stand 

- Wine Tasting in the Vineyard 

Good For Family


OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK - 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
12900 Steveston Hwy, Richmond


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