Daisy Is My Name + Belief

Photographer, Makeup Artist, Art Director

Content Editor: Alice On

“Daisy” comes from an Old English word that Meant “Day’s Eye” - Flowers Which Only Open During The Daytime. 


The Birth of Daisy’s Art


I’m a Taiwanese-Canadian photographer, make-up artist and art director.

Born and raised in Taiwan, I now live and work from Vancouver and my studios around the world.

In my work what some may consider excessively packaged or unrealistic I think has the power to draw us away from the daily trappings of our mundane lives to consider realities beyond the current one.

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In 2014, I graduated from the Blanche Macdonald Centre makeup program and while vacationing in Taiwan, I realized the hometown of my imagination no longer existed. In my evolution, I’d become an outsider in both Taiwan and Canada. I felt lost, often confusing the customs and cultures of two societies I simultaneously belong to - what is right or wrong, white or black.

The “cell“ concept was born out of this period.

"Self Portrait" By Danielle@DaisyCode In Singapore 

Symbol of Purity - Senders choose Daisies in Hopes the Receiver Will See the World as They Did in their Youth

Innocence, Purity, Hope And Renewal



All Our Lives, Many Of Us Live And Die In Our Comfort Zone , Chained In Self-Made Prisons and Bound By Limited Perspectives. Worn Down Day By Day and Struggling Against Complacency, I turn to Photography to Resuscitate My Dying Soul.
— Daisy H


Some People Die At 25 And Aren’t Buried Until 75.
— Benjamin Franklin

Shining Into The Darkest Layers To Make Me Feel Alive.

Makeup and Photography Are The Tools I use To Create self-healing Energy.
— Daisy H
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My health was going downhill and worsen by the pressure.

At the time I didn’t realized I would pay for the consequence so soon.

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My Photography And Art Direction - A personal Renaissance 

Focusing On the Theme Of "Rebirth" I Have Often Felt Connected To Works From This Period As Creating Art Is Very Much The Bright, renewing Sun Of My Life.


A brush with death

Without warning I passed out in the bathroom. I still remember the feeling of losing my identity in a consuming darkness and the fear of having no place in the world. In my loneliness the shadows whispered - what do we have after death and will I forget all the joy that is mine today?


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The Near-Death Experience affected me deeply,

The Brain Hypoxia Episode Shifted My Practice, Content and Mind-set. 


I Couldn't Access My Studio Set Up Anymore, But The Urge To Express Myself Through Art Never Stopped.

I Started Shooting With My Phone and I Was Delighted by The Resulting Quality. I Was Fascinated By The Mainstream Modern and Even More By The Effervescent Quality Of The Digital Age Connected.

I want my legacy to be Timeless And Eternal

The Images That Keep Coming Me Now Are Colourful, Bright And Have A Retro, 70s Vintage Quality.
— Daisy H

Fashion And Beauty Had Been Changed In My Mind

We Are Looking For The Timeless And Eternal in Design And Beauty


 I Have Opened My Eye To See More in What was Once Simple and Boring Everyday life.

I Realized How Lucky We Are, Surrounded By Nature’s Bounty In Peaceful Vancity.

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Nature Addict

Series by Hasselblad


What you can give to someone else?



Ultimately I Try To Work Now With The Mindfulness Every Day Is New And To Live Is To Keep On Evolving In All Aspects. 
— Daisy H