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Re-Nylon Launch Marks a Sign of the Times

Content Editor: Alice On

As impending measures for environmentalism grows, amongst the players of the paradigm shift towards sustainable practices is Prada. To give their eponymous nylons an eco-transformation, Prada is joining forces with textile yarn producer Aquafil to recreate its six classic bags, a shoulder bag, two backpacks, a duffle, a belt bag, & tote, from a regenerated nylon called Econyl. Econyl yarn is produced from recycled wastes, thus the newly branded goods will be colloquially launched as Re-Nylon. 

Nylon has been an emblem of the brand under Miuccia Prada’s control since 1984. Re-Nylon exemplifies the brands’ contemporariness & is a testament to their move towards sustainability. Hallmarking its initiative, Prada has partnered with National Geographic to highlight Re-Nylon’s importance in a series of short-video instalments entitled, What We Carry. Trademarking itself as a re-inventive brand, the new product line logo alluding to the universal mobius strip inspired recycling signal (looped arrow) on Prada’s Re-Nylon line is a surefire sign of the times. The special logo will only be sealed on Prada’s Re-Nylon product line. 


Typical production methods of virgin nylon make a detrimental imprint on the environment. Being a synthetic polyamide; in comparison to more naturally occurring materials such as wool & cotton, nylon manufacturing is more energy intensive & emits heavy pollutants. During production, it lends itself to constant cycles of purification as it melts at a lower temperature, meaning high levels of cleaning agents are needed to destroy bacteria. With Econyl, the medium is sorted and cleaned before its transformed back to its original state through de-polymerization to be converted into ready-for-use nylon thread. 


As marked by Prada’s Sustainability Report the process delivers results. Every 10,000 tons of Econyl produced saves 57,100 tons of carbon dioxide gas emissions from entering the atmosphere. By 2021, Prada intends to be rid of virgin nylon, in favour of Econyl. Reducing & converting an incredible amount of nylon is a fleeting task for the company; however its impact will be extraordinary. The phasing-out process of Prada’s homegrown emblem signifies its continued growth within the industry, & hopefully motivation for competitors to think differently about  long-established production procedures. 

Increasingly effective textile manufacturing without sacrificing aesthetics and quality. Prada’s success will propel others to further integrate corporate responsibility into business practices. While reducing Fashion’s eco-footprint is challenging, it’s the perfect arena to convey the urgency of environmentalist measures. As it touches on an emotional level rapidly & proactively, luxury is given a modern update towards sustainability through Prada’s compelling mission. 

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Ready to dive deeper into the world of eco-fashion? We’ve sought inspiration from Prada’s Re-Nylon editorial to help capture the effortless, rugged elegance and other piece you could rock with the Re-Nylon line. 

In addition to being perfectly chic, this pieces are gentle on Mother Earth. Pairing an essential, relaxed fitting denim jacket from Everlane with a sleek and flattering body-con from Ninety-Percent adds punctuated ruggedness to feminine feel of side-split dresses. We’ve added sporty-inspired sneakers from Veja, a glossy croc-effect belt bag from MANGO, and gold hoops from Laura Lombardi caps off the look. 

  1. The Denim Jacket, Everlane, US$88

  2. Cotton-jersey dress, Ninety Percent, US$125

  3. Esplar Sneaker, Veja, CAD$170

  4. Gold-tone hoop earrings, Laura Lombardi, US$120

  5. Croc-effect belt bag, Mango, US$40


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