“Surrogati. Un Amore Ideale”

A Love Ideal At Prada Fondazione, Milano

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【Chapter 3】Prada Day

Photo by Danielle@DaisyCode

Photo by Danielle@DaisyCode

Photo by Danielle@DaisyCode

Photo by Danielle@DaisyCode

The exhibition was titled “Surrogati. Un amore ideale” (Surrogate. A Love Ideal). Curated by Melissa Harris, many of the topics were completely new to me. It awoke my mind to many nuances and I was left pondering the intentions and design of the exhibit.

Initially I assumed the themes to be ethics and science, however it was much more.

It’s about love .

It’s about we need to live .

It’s about what we lose on the inside.

It’s about the dark diamonds we don’t want to touch our heart.

It made me think of how I was used to staying up late because closing my eyes made me feel insecure and how it moved me to hold objects sometimes for 24 hrs - like my #pradamalia.

May we each love and live like no one is watching.

Photo by Danielle@DaisyCode

Photo by Danielle@DaisyCode

The first impression of Milano

I had fallen in love with Milano the first night we arrived, but little did I know it would show me an unparalleled love in return.

Taking a short break to enjoy the hotel spa, the event of the evening was an exhibition at Osservatorio Fondazione Prada.

But before that, I was on a mission to race to my room from the spa to get ready within 30 minutes! After the spa, my hair was quite oily, perfect for the how-to video I was planning to shoot - for my tips for speedy styling and greasy hair management. With the high stakes of the event, I wanted to give my audience the time-sensitive realness and hopefully the glamorous evidence of tricks I count on all the time.   

Travelers may confuse “Osservatorio Fondazione Prada” and “Fondazione Prada”, but those are separate locations! Osservatorio Fondazione Prada was only around 5 mins away drive from the hotel - right beside Prada Milano Galleria Uomo and Marchesi.

Evaluate our own notions of love and the value of an object that has the power to replace a human being.
— Melissa Harris, Curator

20121 MILANO

Time :21 February to 22 July 2019
(Open to public )


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